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Your one-stop shop for your Cosplay, Halloween, Movie and Party props, costumes and more here.


FX-Wear is your go-to shop for the geeks and techno-nerds in your life. Here you'll find cool and exciting practical effects products, costumes, and more.

Your dog wants to be a bucking bronco with their own Cowboy Costume to light up your rodeos and parties.


Jonathan R. Holeton

Jonathan with his Wife Arla have been running the FX-WEAR store since 2015. Jonathan has been a professional actor since 1995 and a Producer/Director since 2011. He loves hearing his family & friends laugh, especially his Wife's after he's said something silly. He's also a Youtuber, where he loves to share what he's learned and produce short VFX Comedy videos. He is CEO of MindWave Studios Ltd and Drive Buy Delivery. His nickname is JohnyFive.

Arlajer D. Holeton

Arla ran a Mini Mart while in the Philippines and helps Jonathan and their Dad with everyday house and business tasks. She loves dancing and doing Tik Tok.

She's also a Youtuber where she vlogs about her and Jonathan's life 20,000 miles away and now, since 2021, together.